Biden to convene new supply chain council, announce 30 steps to strengthen US logistics

President Joe Biden convened the inaugural meeting of the supply chain resilience council on November 27, announcing a set of 30 actions aimed at enhancing access to medicine, economic data, and various programs related to the production and transportation of goods. The goal is to address supply chain challenges and ensure resilience for the future. The initiative, led by Lael Brainard, director of the White House National Economic Council, reflects a commitment to lowering prices for American consumers. The announcement follows supply chain disruptions contributing to increased inflation in the aftermath of the 2021 pandemic recovery. To boost domestic manufacturing of essential medicines, Biden, a Democrat, will utilize the Defense Production Act, directing the Health and Human Services Department to invest $35 million in materials for injectable medicines crucial for national security. Additionally, the federal government aims to enhance supply chain monitoring by sharing data among agencies, with the Commerce Department developing tools to assess risks and collaborating with the Energy Department on renewable energy resources. The Transportation Department is providing new data resources for freight logistics. The council, co-chaired by Brainard and Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, includes heads of Cabinet departments, the U.S. trade representative, and leaders from various key agencies, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to supply chain resilience.